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L’esclave rebelle;
1513-1515; Marble

In the many years I’ve studied art I was seldomly just as impressed by the passion of an artist than of Michelangelo himself. Even after his sponsor pope Julius II died he continued to craft a series of slaves for his monumentous tomb.

Boy, making this drawing was a strange experience… Since the sculpture is exhibited in the Louvre it is obvious that there were a lot of people in the same room as me at the same time. Given that I prefer keeping as far away from big crowds as humanly possible it wasn’t a pleasant exercise in overcoming this tendency. Usually my enthousiasm to see art overrides my illogical reaction to prolonged exposure of too much people but in this case my limits were more than pushed. While standing there to finish my drawing a group of korean tourists entered and took interest in my work. Personal boundaries were crossed when some didn’t back away after the first glance and kept breathing down my neck… for several minutes.

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